Looking for Great Popsicle Recipes?

As the weather gets warmer I’m looking forward to breaking out our popsicle maker and whipping up cool snacks for the kids this summer.  This week I found out that one of my popsicle recipes was featured over at TipNut.com!

They have compiled a huge list of Popsicle recipes, sorted by flavor. It’s a great resource for summer snack ideas!  Be sure to  stop over and check it out!

My Blueberry Greek Yogurt recipe is featured in the “Blueberry” category.


We will be keeping this list handy for the summer!  What’s your favorite popsicle?  I’m keen on the traditional fudge, but I think I’ll try whipping up some Nutella pops this summer! Mmmm Nutella….


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    How cool that you were featured over there! I love making pops from scratch. One of my faves is blueberries and cream. But Nutella sounds like it could take the top spot if I could get my hands on one! Love you, friend!

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      Nutella pops will happen this year! I’d like to make mocha pops too. We could use popsicles today with highs in the 80’s… it IS March right? This weather is wonderful!

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    Last summer by daughter was totally into beets (primarily because a certain grandmother, who shall remain unnamed, told her that if she ate enough her – wait for it – tinkle would turn pink) and my kids devoured beet pops all summer. We mixed pureed steamed beets & french vanilla yogurt. They were surprisingly good, and extremely messy (and totally stain.) I love the idea of doing greek yogurt. Yum!

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      Oh Annie! You had me at “tinkle turning pink!” It might be worth trying just for the kids to have pink pee for a day 😉 LOL! Who would have known! I’m really hoping to really utilize the popmaker this summer, it is fun to experiment with the different flavors and the kids love to help!


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