The Never Ending To-Do List – February Update

The Never-ending to-do list Continues…

Let’s take a look at what got checked off the list this month:

The House

  • Organize kids toys – This month we are weeding through the kids toys even more, as I join in Simple Mom’s Project Simplify  and this week’s task is Kids Stuff. 
  • Create a play area in Claire’s room – My mom moved out last weekend and we’ve been busy trying to clear out the room. We’ve decided that Caleb and Claire will share the room for a while longer, they seem happy together and are finally sleeping well at night. 
  • Finish the final curtain for the sunroom (we’re slowly making progress on this never-ending item) – Still not happening 
  • Hunt down and buy curtains for window in the living-room – it was blocked for the last 3 years so I never bought a curtain for it. We re-arranged our living room and now the curtains have been discontinued! *sigh* – I ORDERED a curtain to see if it’s the right color!! (fingers crossed!)
  • Continue to de-clutter the house (office supplies, books, craft supplies, clothing, toys, etc) I filled an entire bin with extra office supplies that I really don’t need… I still have a long way to go to get things as simplified as I’d like. We cleared out one LARGE black garbage bag of kids toys this weekend, lots of extra blankets, comforters and curtains!! 
  • Organize our wardrobe
  • ADDED: Get rid of the dressers in the kids room and create a “Kids Dressing Room” in their large closet. – We started working on it this weekend, I dragged everything out of the closet – organized and sorted through most of it and found new storage spaces for all the clutter. Now to organize the space so it stays neat and efficient! 


  • Get back to meal planning – UGH… not going so well. I’ll be sitting down to night to plan the next week or two! I’m so uninspired! 
  • Get back in to the Friday laundry-day routine – We’ve been keeping up with this routine really well. Hubby has stepped in to help with the laundry, which is a huge help!
  • Start using the cleaning schedule again – I just fixed up the schedule last week and I hope to start following it again this coming week, I’m also planning on sharing the schedule with all of you!! 
  • Plan a freezer-cooking day (hopefully convince Rebekah to join the fun) – we talked about it…

Family Goals

  • Take more photos – ehhh… not so good this month
  • Spend Sundays doing family things (park, movies etc.) I’m ready for spring to be here. Yesterday I decluttered all day… that’s not really family time or rest is it? 
  • Go on a great summer vacation – YES YES YES!! Our vacation plans have been made! I can’t wait to have lounge on the beach this summer! We’re going on vacation to Maryland with my in-laws this year! Can’t wait!
  • Entertain more – we miss our friends and hope to start having a social life again – We have invited friends to come over this weekend! YAY!
  • Have Claire start doing daily chores and help more around the house  I made claire a chore pack but I have not been consistent in making her do her chores. I need to work on this because she is more than ready and capable to be doing chores! 
  • Limit TV time! – Netflix has been really helping me with this goal. I haven’t been speing much time infront of the TV but the kids have fallen in love with a cartoon “My Big Big Friend”… I need to watch their TV time much better. 
  • Play music in the house during the day – This has been a success and it really does improve the attitudes around the house (especially mine!) 
  • Plan our spring garden – We’re starting to plan.  We have lots of work to do! We’re planning on adding 1-2 more square foot beds. We also need to dig out our current beds, put down weed barrier and refill them. It’s a lot of work but a great investment! 

For the Kids:

  • Start having “mommy time” each day with the kids – put it on the schedule! I’ve been much better about setting boundaries on my work/home time. I can tell the kids are happier! 
  • Pick out a book with Claire to read together – Still looking… I’m leaning towards Anne of Green Gables 
  • Take kids to local children’s museum 2 times a month – not yet… soon I hope
  • Start going to story time at Barnes and Noble again – Nope
  • Start family bed time routine – quick devotions and story time – YES!! We have been having great bedtimes!! We have been reading to the kids each night and I can tell that they fall asleep much faster and tend to stay in bed after we’re done! 
  • Move Caleb back into his bedroomWe’ve decided not to do this yet… he’s happy with his sister, why rock the boat? 
  • Move Caleb into a toddler bedDONE and he loves it! Who would have thought! 
  • Transition Caleb out of Pull-ups for good  – HE IS REGRESSING!! NO! He’s been having “accidents” every single night for a while now… not sure what’s going on…
  • Take the kids outside to play/explore more. Who wants to buy me THIS book that I’ve heard great things about?  – It’s getting warmer, so we’ve been able to spend time outside nearly every day! 


  • Start by walking 30 minutes a day – It’s slow and not consistent but getting better.
  • Try the Couch to 5K running plan – Started a few weeks ago and I’m only on day 4 I need to make this a part of my normal schedule so it happens… I’ve enjoyed it so far, but it’s hard!! 
  • Continue to track food on My Fitness Pal – Yah, about that…. 
  • Lose 70 lbs. Yes, 70.  I’ll be tracking my weight loss in 10lb increments monthly. – I’m not sure what’s going on here. I’ve been dairy and gluten free for a month now and my weight is not budging…  I’m starting to get really annoyed! 
  • Go to bed earlier! Before 11pm! – ehh… I was doing great last week, I felt great too… I need to really make this a priority – I’m in a much better mood when I get enough sleep! 

For the Mommy (that’s me!)

  • Read more – I have more e-books on my Kindle to read than you could imagine. – Still doing good with this – reading before bed has been helpful! 
  • Have ‘mommy retreats’ 2-3 times a year – This did not happen. what the heck!! err…. Trying again for March! 
  • Read 3 parenting books this year – Starting Grace Based Parenting (again!) 
  • Read 3 marriage books this year – I’m reading a book on my Kindle I can’t remember the name. I did go to our mom’s group last week and the speaker really spoke to my heart. Lots of conviction and good advice! 
  • Start taking classes at the Philadelphia School of Art and Design! – This is on hold but still on the back burner… we’ll see.
Here on Hey, Donna!
  • Maybe blog sometime! Yes, life gets busy but I honestly miss blogging and hope to bring some new exciting content to the site, so hang on to your seats, people! – I could be doing better. My next point might explain my  absence a bit…
  • Re-Launch “Geeks Only”I made the BIG decision to re-launch Pleased To Geek You. I realized how much I love and miss that blog and I’ve been encouraged by friends/readers to bring it back. I’m hoping to launch this month sometime!! !
  • Start my “For the Love of I”  IPad Apps reviews, roundups, etc.: This will be over at Pleased To Geek You when I re-launch
  • Create an editorial calendar – I have a yearly blogging outline done that I’d like to extend into a more detailed calendar. 
  • Go to 1 – 2 blogging conferences (cause I love ‘em so much!!) I’m going to Allume in October! We’ve also been discussing possibly going to Type-A Conference in June. I’d love to go we’re just assessing the cost! 


For February I’m adding a few special To-Do’s 

  • Plan a night away with Kevin. Our in-laws have already offered to keep the kids overnight now we just need to decide what to do and where to go! – we had a nice date night but did not stay anywhere overnight, which is a bummer. 
  • Transition to eating dairy-free and gluten-free – Did it, it’s been going great! 
  • Take a few Zumba classes – we had a woman’s night at church and did zumba and I have to admit that I really loved it. – Nope haven’t found one yet…
  • Do the taxes… **dread, dread, dread this one! – Taxes are DONE and went really well, thank goodness! 
I’m not adding anything special for this month except one thing:
To win the Chevy Date My Sonic Contest!!  I’m a finalist and would love to win! Could you spare a minute and vote for me?! Thanks!!

Click here to VOTE! Thanks! 

How are your to-do lists going. Have you set goals? Head over to Simply Rebekah  and link up your goals!


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    Girl that’s quite the To-Do list. I wish I was half as organized as you to be able to write all this down. and i’ve been dairy free for two years now and i just keep gaining. i know i’ve got to definitely lay off the bread!

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