Simple Nutella Dip

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This weekend I met up with a bunch of friends at church for a a “fun night” put on by our church’s woman’s ministry.  Everyone brought a healthy appetizer or snack to share and we even did some zumba ~ wow these hips are hurtin‘!  One of my friends brought a delicious pumpkin dip that everyone loved – myself included!

Fast-Forward to Saturday night: I was working in the kitchen whipping up a lasagna for our Sunday dinner, When all of the sudden It happened,the Nutella craving hit! You know the kind: grab a spoon and scoop straight from the jar! I opened up the fridge I saw a tub of Cool Whip and it hit me… Nutella Dip!

Simple Nutella Dip

1 cup Cool Whip ( or one really big dollop!)

2 real big tablespoons of Nutella

Mix together!





I grabbed some strawberries and when they were gone, but there was still dip in the bow, so I snuck into the kids animal crackers – it was delicious!  This was a great way to lighten up my usual Nutella treat.

How do you enjoy your Nutella?

I’m linking up this recipe at :

The Southern Institute



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