January Update – The Never-Ending To-Do List

AAhh… the Never-ending to-do list.

Let’s take a look at what got checked off the list this month:

The House

  • Organize kids toys – The toys are in much better shape, we picked up a small bookcase for the living room and that helped with our toy clutter a lot. I’m also really working on teaching the kids where the toys should go. I just need to make up some photo labels for the bins so both kids can clean up without wondering where to put things. 
  • Move more toys upstairsThis isn’t necessary since we got the extra bookcase.
  • Create a play area in Claire’s room – this is on-hold until my mom moves out and we move Caleb back into his own room
  • Finish the final curtain for the sunroom (we’re slowly making progress on this never-ending item) – yah.. about that… 
  • Hunt down and buy curtains for window in the living-room – it was blocked for the last 3 years so I never bought a curtain for it. We re-arranged our living room and now the curtains have been discontinued! *sigh* – I found one that I need to order but it still might not be the right color, we’ll see. 
  • Continue to de-clutter the house (office supplies, books, craft supplies, clothing, toys, etc) I filled an entire bin with extra office supplies that I really don’t need… I still have a long way to go to get things as simplified as I’d like.
  • Organize our wardrobe


  • Get back to meal planning – Success I planned 2 weeks of meals now I just have to go to the store and buy all those groceries! 
  • Get back in to the Friday laundry-day routine – Success!! I did 90% of the laundry today!! It feels great going into the weekend with all the laundry done. 
  • Start using the cleaning schedule again – I just fixed up the schedule last week and I hope to start following it again this coming week, I’m also planning on sharing the schedule with all of you!! 
  • Plan a freezer-cooking day (hopefully convince Rebekah to join the fun) – we talked about it… that.is.all

Family Goals

  • Take more photos – I took a bunch of photos this week and I’m actually getting very intrigued with Project Life so I may just try to do a simplified version for our family.
  • Spend Sundays doing family things (park, movies etc.) we’ve spent Sundays either sick or lazy… but as a family so I guess we’ve been successful! 
  • Go on a great summer vacation – No progress on planning this
  • Entertain more – we miss our friends and hope to start having a social life again
  • Have Claire start doing daily chores and help more around the house  – I’m creating something that will help her to do chores, I’ll be sharing about this sometimes soon. 
  • Limit TV time! – I’m currently sitting infront of the TV and not even watching it… but it’s on… I’m the only one in the room… looks like we still have a TV issue
  • Play music in the house during the day – We’ve been doing this much more. I’ve been enjoying Grooveshark while I work and playing Seeds of Praise Cd’s at night for the kids. 
  • Plan our spring garden – not even on my radar yet! 

For the Kids:

  • Start having “mommy time” each day with the kids – put it on the schedule! – the kids have been having daily Ipad time with mommy for about 2 weeks now. It’s not quite what I was hoping for but it’s a step in the right direction
  • Pick out a book with Claire to read together – not done this yet
  • Take kids to local children’s museum 2 times a month – we have been too sick to do this yet
  • Start going to story time at Barnes and Noble again – Nope
  • Start family bed time routine – quick devotions and story time – Nope :( 
  • Move Caleb back into his bedroom – Not yet
  • Move Caleb into a toddler bed – Not yet
  • Transition Caleb out of Pull-ups for good  – Very close only using Pullups for nap and bedtime
  • Take the kids outside to play/explore more. Who wants to buy me THIS book that I’ve heard great things about?  – Snow and rain, we’ve been inside


  • Start by walking 30 minutes a day – :( I’m really dissapointed that these health/fitness goals have not happened yet
  • Try the Couch to 5K running plan
  • Continue to track food on My Fitness Pal
  • Lose 70 lbs. Yes, 70.  I’ll be tracking my weight loss in 10lb increments monthly.
  • Go to bed earlier! Before 11pm!

For the Mommy (that’s me!)

  • Read more – I have more e-books on my Kindle to read than you could imagine. – I’ve started reading again! yay!
  • Have ‘mommy retreats’ 2-3 times a year – Planning to have one in February!
  • Read 3 parenting books this year
  • Read 3 marriage books this year
  • Start taking classes at the Philadelphia School of Art and Design! – this may or may not happen until the Spring session when they have the Illustrator class that I really want to take.
Here on Hey, Donna!
  • Maybe blog sometime! Yes, life gets busy but I honestly miss blogging and hope to bring some new exciting content to the site, so hang on to your seats, people! – It’s been happening – have you noticed? Did you see my Nutella recipe or my exciting find at Staples this week! 
  • Re-Launch “Geeks Only” – Slowly I’m posting more Geeky posts! 
  • Have weekly “geekery” posts – I would LOVE to hear from you what geeky, techy, organizing, or otherwise nerdy things you’d love to learn more about.
  • Start my “For the Love of I”  IPad Apps reviews, roundups, etc.
  • Create an editorial calendar – I have a yearly blogging outline done that I’d like to extend into a more detailed calendar. 
  • Go to 1 – 2 blogging conferences (cause I love ‘em so much!!)


For February I’m adding a few special To-Do’s 

  • Plan a night away with Kevin. Our in-laws have already offered to keep the kids overnight now we just need to decide what to do and where to go!
  • Transition to eating dairy-free and gluten-free
  • Take a few Zumba classes – we had a woman’s night at church and did zumba and I have to admit that I really loved it.
  • Do the taxes… **dread, dread, dread this one!

How are your to-do lists going. Have you set goals? Head over to Simply Rebekah or Money Saving Mom and link up your goals!


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    For the fitness goals I would encourage you to join in on Count Me Accountable Thursdays with the Must Love God gang. We’ve been doing it for a few weeks, and it’s been amazing. We’d love to have you join us!
    Amy McCollister recently posted..CMA #2My Profile

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    I would LOVE to see your cleaning schedule! As for geeky things – I have fallen in love with bufferapp.com to make twitter and facebook posting easy for the blog!

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