My Never-Ending List of Goals

I’m linking up over at Simply Rebekah today for her Insane Goals Monthly Link-Up.  I love writing to-do lists and the feeling of accomplishment that I feel when I cross things off.  This link-up is a great way for me to not only share my Never-Ending List of Goals but also to have a reason to check in and check off the items on my list!

Here is my never-ending list of goals (which will continue to be a work in progress:

Projects around the house to finish

  • Curtains in the sunroom (My most popular post, “Burlap Curtains”  makes me feel like a fraud because I have not finished the whole room!).
  • Go through kids toys, donate some and organize the rest.
  • Plant our fall garden (lettuce, spinach, broccoli and root veggies).
  • Finish Kitchen curtain.
  • Finish painting our bedroom furniture (I started w/ the nightstand and stopped there).
  • Organize kids puzzles.
  • Go through kids clothes, pack away summer clothes.

The Fun List:

  • Eat dinner outside.
  • Take kids to see the trains.
  • Have fun birthday parties for the kiddos.
  • Plan a fall party!
  • Go to the zoo.
  • Plan a fun date with hubby without him knowing (KEVIN!! stop reading this!!)
  • Go to the library more.
  • Start playing the guitar again.
  • Start LOVE BOMBING!  Watch out! You could be next.

New Habits:

Do you keep a To-Do List?  Do you have BIG goals set for yourself.  What keep you motivated to meet those goals?

Here are links to all of my Never-Ending T0-Do Lists:

December 2011


    • Donna says

      I have so many things I want to add to my list now after reading all of the other posts! My list may be never ending!


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