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Welcome to Hey Donna!  I am so happy to finally pull back the curtains, so you can take a peek on what’s been keeping me so busy.  If you’re coming over from Another New Season or Pleased to Geek You, I hope you’ll stay a while, take a look around and stop back often! 

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers:

Who do you think you are?

I’m glad you asked… you can find out more about me on my About page.  You can also read 50 things you need to know about Donna to find out some of my ever-so-interesting facts.

What the heck, Donna?  A new Blog? Why?

For simplicity and to better express my personality.  Another New Season, my first blog was created nearly 3 years ago!  When I first started blogging I did it simply for fun, I had no vision and no goal.  It was a mod podge of my thoughts with no consistent thread pulling the ideas all together.  Even the name was chosen without too much thought.  I wanted a space that reflected me, Hey Donna is that place.  When I launched Pleased to Geek You just a few months ago I was so excited.  I had a special place for all of my geeky thoughts, ideas, tutorials, reviews and giveaways.  It seemed that companies loved it too, which was great.  What was not great was how overwhelmed I felt trying to keep content flowing for two separate spaces.

Having one new home, a place where I feel comfortable and happy is a great feeling!

“Whatcha gonna write about, Donna?”

Ahh… Another loaded question. Here at Hey Donna I’ll chat about home, life, family, coffee, parenting, more coffee, decorating, organizing, raising up the kiddos, espresso, office supply love, crafty projects, lattes, tackling the housework, cooking the meals and keeping it all real.   Keeping it real is KEY.  I want to share a real-life picture of homemaking.  You’ll join me along the way, as I try to run my at-home business, raise Godly children, keep the home and have some fun – all without pulling out my hair!  For my geeky friends, I will still be posting about my love of office supplies, geeky tips and organizing goodness!

Where else can we find you, Donna?

Your best bet is on Twitter!  I’ve fallen in love with Twitter and I’m pretty active over at @Hey_Donna

What?  You love Facebook?? Me too!  You can also “love”   ahem… “like”  my Facebook

I want more!  How can I be sure not to miss a new post?

Subscribe!  For those blog reading veterans, you probably already know what subscribing is.  I’m sure there are some readers out there who don’t have the slightest clue what subscribing is, or maybe you’ve never subscribed to a blog before.  Here’s a quick overview:

1. It’s FREE!

2. It’s Easy

3. Choose HOW you want to receive my blog posts.

Do you want to receive posts in your e-mail inbox?

Subscribe Via E-mail That’s simple! Just click on the pink envelope signal icon on the right side of my site.  That is the Subscribe via E-mail button.  You will be taken to a page where you can easily type in your e-mail address!  That’s it!  If you’re worried about being bombarded by posts from me, worry no more!! I do not post daily.  You may receive on average 3 posts a week.

Do you use an RSS Feed reader like Google Reader

Click here to subscribe using an RSS Feed reader Using an RSS Feed Reader is a great way to collect all of your favorite blogs in one place.  You can use Feed Readers to organize and read and share blog posts and  news.  Keeping up with your favorite blogs is simple, just click the first orange icon in my sidebar.  You can then select the reader that you prefer and just like magic all of my new posts will be sent right to you!

Isn’t that easy!

I have a burning question for you Donna!

I’ve launched a new, fun little feature on Hey Donna.  The Ask Donna column!!  Wondering what my favorite recipe site is?  Did I feature a project and you’re wondering where I found the fabric?  Are you just curious what it’s like to live in the country?  Ask Donna has no limits.  No, I can’t promise that I will answer every single question but I’d love to try!  Pop over and check out the Ask Donna page.  You can use the form on that page to shoot me a quick question.  Your question may be used in an upcoming post, so remember to come back and check to see if your question has been answered!

Thanks again for stopping in today.   I hope you’ll stop back in or subscribe and join me for all the fun!

Photo credit & lovely doormat available at:   John Pour Home


    • Donna says

      Michele – I miss you! Thanks for the compliment, I’m excited and happy to be back to blogging! Will I see you at Relevant, I can’t remember!

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