A Day in the Life Of – Photo Project

My dear friend and fellow blogger Rebekah over at Simply Rebekah put together a great photography challenge last month. It was called A Day in the Life Of…

It all started in 2009 when Rebekah grabbed her camera one morning and took a photo every hour for the entire day. At the end of the day what she had was a snapshot of what a day in her life looked like in 2009.

So I joined in this year for her first (maybe annual?!?) A Day in the Life of… Donna

January 21, 2011

8:30am Breakfast for the kids - pancakes!

9:30am - Working on my new blog... coming in Feburary!

10:30am - whipping up some egg cups for lunch

11:30 - Making lunch for the kids. PB&J, apples, cheese stick and some banana chips.

12:30 - Back to work - checking on a clients project - designing a website header for a Realtor in NJ

1:30 - Playing with the kids and eating some vanilla wafers - yes... my kids are still in their PJ's! Caleb later went on to sticking the cookies between his toes - way too cute!

1:30 - On the phone with Rebekah talking about our trip to Baltimore that evening.

3:30 - View from my desk, looks cold outside! Thank goodness I'm inside even if I'm still working!

4:30 - Like the do? It's hot I know! I'm getting ready to do my hair for the night - lovely look don't ya think?

5:30 - I'm embarrised that it took me one hour to get ready but voila - I'm ready to go!


6:30 - On the road to Baltimore - Rebekah brought clementines for us to snack on!

7:40ish - lost track of time - Just pulled off the exit into Baltimore ... looking at Joe's Squared pizza place out the window! - Best Risotto ever!


8:30 - Watching the performance at Blog Love - trapeze artists

9:30 - Got to see these bloggy friends {Kalee and Ashley)


That’s it! I forgot to take my “goodnight” photo, but it was a very fun day.

I loved doing this project! What a fun way to record a day. I think it would be fun to do this again in a few months!

A big thanks to Rebekah who put this whole challenge together! Be sure to stop over to Simply Rebekah and check out all the other bloggers who participated!


  1. says

    Donna!!!!! I LOVE your photos!! Seriously they are all so cool & I’m suddenly hating my pictures! haha! I did say that you don’t need skills for this project so I’m going to lay off my self hating and continue the compliments on your pics….

    I adore the picture of Caleb eating the cookies. The pic of you getting ready with the funky hair is hilarious! Plus you take awesome self portraits, girl! You are so pretty!

    PS. No one but you would be “whipping up egg cups for lunch.” Of course you are… of course you are. :)

  2. nela says

    grate pics! with all that work how did you have time to take all that pics….
    and wow grate meals! you are inspiring me!


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