Egg Roll Stir-Fry Recipe (aka Egg Roll in a Bowl)


Egg Roll in a bowl recipe - egg roll stir fry


Today I’m sharing another family favorite recipe… Egg Roll Stir-Fry also know as Egg Roll in a Bowl! 

I stumbled across this recipe when I was on Pinterest looking for low-carb meals. We’ve had it dozens of times and tweaked it to make it perfect for our family. This is a really money-saving meal as the cheap cabbage really bulks up the recipe!

Our kids even love this recipe, it is our 6 year old son’s very favorite dinner! Even your meat-loving hubby will love it, I promise, give it a try!

I usually buy ground pork or turkey when it’s on sale and bag it up and freeze it just for this recipe. The recipe also calls for sesame oil and I highly recommend that you run out and buy some just for this recipe, it is the KEY to the authentic flavor!

Without further ado – Here is our recipe for Egg Roll Stir-Fry:


Egg Roll Stir-Fry Recipe
4 servings
Egg Roll Stir-Fry
  • A splash of sesame oil (yes you can substitute but it is so much better with sesame!)
  • 1 lb. ground pork or turkey
  • 1 medium head of cabbage sliced thin (aprox. 4-6 cups)
  • 2-3 shredded carrots
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 3 minced garlic cloves (I use garlic paste in a tube, no mess!)
  • 1 tsp ground ginger (I use ginger paste in a tube also!)
  • ¼ cup soy sauce
  1. Mix garlic, ginger and soy sauce in a small bowl. Set aside.
  2. Heat sesame oil in pan, add ground pork and cook until browned.
  3. Lower heat and add chopped onion and cook until browned.
  4. Add cabbage, carrots. Add in garlic and ginger mixture.
  5. Cook for 5-7 minutes allowing cabbage cooks down, making sure to stir often.
  6. Salt and pepper to taste.
  7. Take off heat and serve hot.


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Routines, Habits and Independent Children

Routines, Habits and Independent Children

I’m a big believer that routines are GREAT for children. Routines help them to know what to expect. Routines are also a huge blessing to parents as routines teach children small habits they need to be more independent. It doesn’t take forever either, after just a week or two many routines becomes second nature. Kind-of like muscle memory, our minds get used to routines.

Routines create habits.

Just think about it; when was the last time you want to remember how to brush your teeth? That’s a habit we do every single day. Grab toothbrush, open toothpaste, put toothpaste on brush… I think you get the point.

My morning routine has been consistent for years! I wake up, go to the bathroom, drink a glass of water, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, and have my COFFEE while doing my hair and makeup. I finish with brushing my teeth, put on my shoes and coat, grab my keys and head out the door! I’ve been doing this so long it’s natural and I don’t have to think about what comes next, it’s become a habit.

Habits encourage independence.

Once you have simple small habits in your life you don’t need someone to remind you. Like when you start a new job, it usually takes a few weeks to get the hang of your daily routine but after a while you’re flying. When we have these habits in place we gain independence; the same is true for our children. Our children have been practicing their morning routine  for a year now and they have become more and more independent in these small habits. They love getting their own breakfast in the morning and picking out their clothes after school. Routines have built confidence in our children and allowed them to begin learning independence in small things.

Independence prepare children for their future.

I think giving our children routines at a young age helps them to grow in their independence. As our children head to school these routines and habits will enable our children to handle the structure and expectations that they will have at school. These simple routines will later translate into life-long habits. Our hope is that we raise our son and daughter to be responsible and disciplined adults.

Monday I’ll be posting our Afternoon Routine Printable so be sure to come back.

Click HERE to see our how we do our Morning Routine.

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** Monday I’ll be sharing our After School Routine **

Morning Routines For Children – Stay Sane in the Morning

“HURRY!”   “Brush your teeeeeeth”

“Why aren’t you dressed?”   “You’re going to be late!”

…this used to be the symphony in our house each morning before school.

Just a few weeks into the new school year I realized that something needed to change. When the kids woke up they just didn’t know what to expect, unlike adults they didn’t have morning routines. As adults we naturally do the same things every morning. I get up, go to the bathroom, go down stairs, drink water, start breakfast…. It’s the same

Our children did not yet have this built-in habit and they didn’t know how to get ready for school without lots of instruction and hand-holding. So I jotted down our typical morning routine, tweaked it a bit and made this super simple list:

Morning routine for kids - Free Printable Poster

We try to wake up before the kids in the morning so we can get dressed and caffeinated before they wake up. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Now when they get up before us they know just what to do. They are both old enough to get their own breakfast and get dressed on their own so they don’t have to wait for us to remind them each morning that they need to get ready for school.

Another handy trick we’ve found is to keep the kids school uniform (outfits) on a bookshelf instead of in their drawers. No more digging around in drawers in the morning! After school when they get changed they know to put their uniform (if it’s clean) back on the bookshelf for the next day.

This has helped so much with their morning routines!

There have been mornings that wake up late to find fully clothed, fed and ready-for-school kids. It’s amazing!! (trust me this is a very rare occurrence, but what a blessing to wake up to!)

We go back and forth between having the kids get dressed before eating and getting dressed after eating. We try to be flexible about this too. Our son really hates getting dressed first and we realised that it wasn’t working well so we switched it for him. We also had a issue with the kids getting toothpaste on their uniform sweatshirts when brushing their teeth so we’ve also had them brush their teeth BEFORE getting dressed now. It has made a big difference!

I think having a routine for before school has helped us all to enjoy our mornings so much more. The kids often get ready quickly and  end up having plenty of time to play in the morning too. They leave for school happier and we’re not so stressed!

If you think that our morning routines would work in your home you can download the printable for FREE! We have ours hanging in the children’s bedrooms and on the fridge in the kitchen. I’d love to know how it works for you!

Click HERE to download the Morning Routines

Do you have morning routines at home? What’s your best advice for other moms to have a less stressful morning? Leave a comment below.

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** I’ll be sharing our After School Routine Soon**

5 Podcasts I’m Loving Lately

5 Podcasts that will Inspire

Over the past few years I’ve realized that I’m an auditory learner. I learn better through listening. I’ve enjoyed several great audiobooks this year already and I’m a devoted podcast listener. Today I’m sharing a few of the podcasts that I’m loving lately.

#1-Mac Power Users


This is my favorite! I’m a nerd and love learning techie tips whenever I can. David Sparks and Katie Floyd host this podcast. They discuss the latest in Mac/Apple news, share productivity tips and tricks and recommend great programs and apps.

Here are a few of my favorite episodes:

Getting Things Done with David Allen

Evernote Power Tips

The Email Problem

#2: The Model Health Show


The Model Health Show is one of the best rated Health podcasts on iTunes. Hosted by Shawn Stevenson, a nutritionist, fitness expert and coach. He talks about health issues, fitness, weight loss and wellness. I love how he and his co-host banter on the show, they keep it lively and fun! I’ve learned so much!

Here are a few of my favorite episodes:

Biggest Health, Fitness, And Lifestyle Lessons Of 2014 

Tips For Dining Out At Restaurants, Family Get Togethers

Boost Your Fat Loss With These 5 Tips For A Healthy Liver

#3 GTD Virtual Study Group 


The GTD Virtual Study Group is based on David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done. There’s a small cult group out there of GTD followers. I’m one of them! The concepts and ideas behind the GTD method are solid and have helped me to stay more focused and really get more done. I’ve been listening to the GTD Virtual Study group for nearly 6 years! It’s changed hosts a few times now and I have to admit I still miss original host, but the content is great. What I love most about this podcast is that they record live calls where everyday people call in and help each other to master the GTD method. You can even call in and ask your own questions!

Here are a few of my favorite episodes:

Back to Basics: Getting started and setting up

Getting to Inbox Zero

Back to Basics: Capture and Collection!


#4: Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn


Oh Pat Flynn… how are you so smart? I had heard about this podcast several times and finally joined the band-wagon. Pat Flynn shares great strategies for earning an income online. His shares practical tips and inspiring stories. If you’re a blogger, an online entrepreneur or just aspiring to make more money online you have got to subscribe to Pat Flynn’s show.

Here are a few of my favorite episodes:

Social Media Strategies and Automation Tools with Laura Roeder

How to Scale Up Your Service Based Business with Josh Shipp

Small Secrets to Stay Mentally Focused and at the Top of Our Entrepreneurial Game

#5 – Listen Money Matters 


*If bad language bothers you, please pass on this one.

I stumbled upon this podcast last month and I’m hooked. These guys share practical and technical tips for saving money, getting out of debt and investing for your financial future. Plus, they are fun to listen to!

Here are a few of my favorite episodes:

The Financial Life with Thomas Frank – Part 1 

Habits and Thomas’ Ridiculous Morning Routine 

What To Expect Before, During, and After You Purchase A Home


Podcasts and audiobooks have been a great way for me to learn on the go. I’ve listened to them when making lunch each day and when I walk in the morning. You can find podcasts on just about anything. Fitness, Food, Parenting, Bible Study, Finances even Knitting!    Better yet, they’re FREE! So a great frugal choice too!



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